Something tells me they'll have folks lined up around the building to volunteer for this. That doesn't mean many of them are qualified, of course. It's just the whole intrigue aspect and the images it conjures up. In Grants Pass, Oregon the sheriff's office is so understaffed and in need of help, officials are considering a plan to enlist volunteers to help process crime scenes. They'd train them to do things like dust for fingerprints and take photos. They have no timetable to implement the plan and obviously there's the local prosecutors concerns that using crime scene investigation volunteers could present legal problems in court. But kudos for the innovative thinking that could be worth the risk if it leads to more arrests and convictions and less crime. I'd be excited to see a plan like this in Missoula so I could finally use that Dick Tracy crime fighter kit I got for my 8th birthday! DB

Image courtesy of Robert Mizerek, Thinkstock