I knew I'd catch crap, so go ahead, let the words fly. But I don't regret it for a second!

I was on vacation with my family and having a great time. My son and I had been doing a lot of "boy stuff" so my wife and daughter said they were going for manicures. At that point she took advantage of the opportunity to invite me AGAIN to come have a pedicure done. I complain about my feet all the time -- especially in the summer when my heels get really dry.

Since I was on vacation, I said yes!

I can't believe what they did for $20! They took the cheese grater to my heels (now they feel great). I saved you the photo of that one. It felt so nice.

As I was walking out I knew I'd catch hell for it, but instead of having cruddy dude feet, I thought, "Oh, I feel so luxurious!"