The National Weather Service in Missoula has issued a winter weather advisory for snow above 6,000 feet, from 6:00 a.m. until midnight Wednesday, September 18.

Snow accumulations from two to four inches are expected above 6,000 feet, with persistent cold rain below 6,000 feet.

Forecaster Bob Nester said that Tuesday night's thunderstorms may not have yet produced any new fire starts, but did bring plenty of rain.

"So far, as of 4:00 a.m. Kalispell has a quarter of an inch, West Glacier has about a half an inch," Nester said. "In Missoula, even though we only had about four one-hundredths of an inch, its been raining pretty steady for the past couple of hours. The rain is going to continue for much of the day."

Nester said that the first frost of the season could be arriving Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

"Overnight tonight with any additional clearing, we could get pretty cool tomorrow with temperatures in the high 30's," Nester said. "We could see some frost tomorrow morning, and especially on Friday morning once we clear out and dry out a little bit more as well."

National Weather Service Forecaster Bob Nester