Winning Olympic gold medals can sure bring a lot of fame and fortune. Not to mention an ice cream flavor in your honor!

And it sounds like a pretty darn tasty one, too, although you may have to go to Baltimore to get it. It's called "Phelps Phlapjack Gold." As super swimmer Michael Phelps piled more Olympic gold medals into his trophy case, one of his hometown ice cream parlors, Baltimore's The Charmery, created a flavor in his honor.

Phelps Phlapjack Gold is chocolate chip pancake ice cream, apparently a Phelps phavorite. And yep, they do use actual pancakes. The Charmery's owner says they also added maple syrup, butter, some more chocolate chips and a golden marshmallow swirl.

Make sure you don't swim for at least one hour after enjoying a scoop or two. Or three. Or....