You now can see who has unfriended you on Facebook! Google Chrome and Firefox have unveiled a new extension called Unfriend Notify for Facebook, that does exactly what it says. 

Now to be honest with you the mystery of this had me curious. Does it work? Is it one of those "scams" that gives your computer a virus? Does it really tell you who's looking at your Facebook? This is NOT a Facebook app, it is a Google Chrome and Firefox extension and it actually works!

It's great that it works, but is this something we really need to look at daily? Another negative spin in an already negative world. I personally was upset by this. It is bad enough that many people are self conscious and sensitive, now you add in who doesn't like them anymore. This is a universally detrimental thing and I don't like it. As Jon King said "It should be called the instant depression app." Enough said...resist the temptation to see who has "unfriended" you on Facebook, it's not worth it.