It was considered a game of chance, not skill, so those 103 demons had to be exorcised from town.

A sign of the times? Well, perhaps, but it seems to post-date that. However, wives were complaining, because too much of their husbands' paychecks were getting poured into them. So, the city council acted, and the town's 103 pinball machines were banned from Kokomo, Indiana. Of course this was back in 1955. The odd thing is, no council ever got around to repealing the ordinance until a couple weeks ago, so there it sat on the books for over 60 years!

Just recently, the mayor invited the chief of police to play the first legal game of pinball in Kokomo since 1955. Okay, husbands, just be careful not to drop too much of the paycheck in there, or you'll be forbidden to play again until 2076!      DB