This is going to take a while to clean up. We came darned close to setting a new snowfall record in February. I think we ended up a couple of inches short.  Then on top of that we got those awful Hellgate winds that blew snow all over the place.  I was downtown Friday at the height of the storm, you couldn’t see a block and half on Higgins. Crossing the Higgins Avenue Bridge was a real challenge. Plowing crews had all they could do just to keep up clearing the major roads and streets.  There are a lot of cars that are blocked into their parking spots with snow berms. That is some tough shoveling.

Now we start the week with freezing rain and black ice. The forecast calls for more of the same for the next couple of days. Plowing crews are now faced with the job of getting storm drains cleared so when it warms up the water will have somewhere to go.

I know snowplow drivers during this last blast worked long and hard. They deserve a BIG Thank You.