We spend hours untangling strings of lights, putting them on the tree, taking them off because they aren’t “just right” and putting them back on again. Next comes picking out the right ornaments and putting them up so there aren’t “too many on one side”. Then tinsel and garlands go on followed by “favorite ornaments.”  Finally, the crowning moment, the tree topper. Then you plug the whole mess in and there’s always one string of lights that don’t work. “Yes I checked them before.”

Actually my luck with Christmas trees has been quite good. Not that there haven’t been moments; like the time we didn’t have a stand so we nailed the tree to a cross beam in our log cabin. On a budget one year we decided to decorate the tree with strings of cranberries and popcorn. Do you have any idea how much popcorn, cranberries and patience it takes to string enough to cover a 6-foot tree? Then we came home to our house of two dogs and one cat and found out they liked the popcorn. The tree was clean as high up as they could reach and there were cranberries all over the floor. Dogs and cats don’t like cranberries.

I’m sure you’ve all had similar experiences. In spite of it all I really enjoy this time of year. I hope you do as well.