This morning, Al was talking about The Infamous Stringdusters coming to The Wilma Theatre on Saturday, August 10. My first thought? What is a stringduster? According to Google,, and Merriam-Webster, stringduster isn't even a word. I was semi-upset about it, because I think stringduster is a pretty awesome word. Needless to say, after being completely bummed out about the word stringduster, I started thinking about how many things you could actually do with a piece of string, you know, other than trying to dust with it? I then happened to stumble upon a website called that gives grandparents everywhere ideas as to how to keep their grandchildren preoccupied "for hours." So, in honor of The Infamous Stringdusters coming to Missoula, and what could perhaps be the best website for all grandparents out there, here's a list of five things to do with a piece of string:

  • 1

    Cat's Cradle

    Okay, if you haven't played cat's cradle at least once in your life, you haven't lived your life to the fullest. This is a two-person game, and is super easy, yet challenging if you can get far enough. And to think all you need is a piece of string...

    Photo courtesy of iStockphoto
  • 2

    Witch's Broom

    Now that you've mastered cat's cradle, perfecting witch's broom will be a breeze. And what better time to try out witch's broom than Halloween? So get practicing now, so you'll blow everyone's mind this October.

  • 3

    Tree Hole Game

    This game, once again, is easier once you've become a cat's cradle master. However, even though you may be a master at cat's cradle, you still might need help maneuvering  the string in this game. The tree hole string game has a pretty cool outcome, too (if you do it right, that is).

  • 4

    God's Eye

    Now this is awesome! I'm all about arts and crafts, and all these colors really make the God's eye look really pretty. In addition to string, you'll need two popsicle sticks and glue. This is definitely something I'll have to try.

  • 5

    Ice Cube Trick