You may be holding back from telling your partner everything you're thinking. But you're probably not alone.
Here are a few things men tend to hold back from their wives/girlfriends ...

  • "I want more alone time with her." – Hanging in groups can be fun, but that doesn't mean every meal has to be eaten with you, your guy, and all your co-workers.
  • "I want to be absolved from most decorating decisions." – If he trusts you to make the decorating decisions by yourself, then go for it! Bring him in on the big stuff, but make the throw pillow decisions on your own.
  • "I wish she'd stop trying to change me." – When you decided you wanted to be with him, he couldn't have been THAT bad or you wouldn't have stuck around. Get back to enjoying each other for who you are and stop trying to mold him into somebody else. (Yahoo)