It was nice to get away for a couple days and head up to Ninepipes Reservoir. I only spent a few hours both Monday and Tuesday but had some success. I didn't start until almost 9:00 a.m. and I think I would have been even more successful had I started around sunrise, since the hot, dry conditions made fishing pretty quiet after about 11:00. Anyway, it was a treat to be the ONLY guy there both days! I was at the pump house on the west end of the reservoir. I used a variety of lures and took advantage of a very light wind at my back to get some extra casting distance from the shore (of course, since no boats are allowed on Ninepipes). I caught fish on four different Rapala CD 7 patterns (perch, rainbow, fire tiger and brown trout) as well as a copper Mepps spinner with a brown-colored rooster tail. It really didn't seem to matter what I used. It was all about presentation, retrieving as slow as possible and still getting some action on the lure. While I didn't catch anything I'd want mounted on my wall, it was fun to land about a dozen largemouth bass in the 12 to 15-inch size range. Even the smaller ones tend to put up a good fight. AND I put all of them back, so they're battle-tested and waiting for you! Hope to get up there a few more times this season.  DB