Went to Billings over the weekend to do family stuff and deciding on re-living my 90's childhood. 

My cousin who is eleven decided he wanted to take a Saturday night and go skating. My head started spinning as my friends and I use to skate all the time! I could use a little fun so I thought this is a great Idea

We get to what looks like a pretty dead parking lot at the skating rink, and walk in to wall to wall children. None of them can drive so of course the parking lot is dead. We get in grab skates that are way to big for us and go sit down and put the skates on to start some bay city rolling. As I put on one skate I set my second skate behind me, low and behold some rascal steals my other skate!

I look around no skate, then a kid rolls up with a skate in his hand and says it's his extra skate. A skate too big for him and matching my number, so I just grabbed it and yanked it out of his hands. I didn't have time to mess around.

It was couples skate and my cousin wasn't really into doing that so we stopped at the arcade and had some fun. We skated, grabbed good refreshments and played some games. Then had burgers and a milkshake afterwords. Taking a trip back in the time machine. Fun and good for the soul.