No, I haven't made my "Bucket List" yet. Yeah, yeah. I know it's time! :-) But when I do, I know this won't be on there. Two women in their mid-thirties (which is really getting a jump on a bucket list) are facing petty theft charges after stealing bathing suits and beef jerky at a Wal-Mart in Ocala, Florida. One was eating the beef jerky in the store while the other was stuffing swimsuits and other items in her purse. Maybe she grabbed the wrong size for her friend and the friend figured she'd better eat lots of jerky to plump up a bit to make sure it fit. They confessed that shoplifting was something that was on both their bucket lists and had never done it before, so there you go. And they also admitted to being two stupid women and very ashamed. Hope it was tasty beef jerky. DB