About 4 months ago I blogged about my first ever experience attending a Vegas Strip wedding chapel wedding. Well, in the spirit of Yankee ingenuity and one-upsmanship, Vegas now offers the Wedding Wagon. They will come to you for a ceremony and pictures just about anywhere in the city and apparently at a much lower cost than the usual chapel event, just $99 bucks. One gal said there was no way she was going to pay $400 for an "Elvis wedding." :-) I guess that's what I went to, an Elvis wedding. Anyway, she and her new hubby got hitched by the Wedding Wagon, toasted each other with cans of Bud Light and headed up the strip for a wedding night Garth Brooks concert! Well, given the tickets to that show are about $250 a pop, I guess the money saved using the Wedding Wagon came in handy, huh? Congrats, kids. Sounds like you had a great wedding! DB