Last year the osprey nest at the Dunrovin ranch outside of Lolo gained international notoriety when a web cam was installed and viewers could watch the nest building, hatching and care of the chicks. The breeding pair hasn’t returned yet but that day is much anticipated.

Another bird that migrates back to Montana for nesting is the peregrine falcon. They can be seen on high ledges in the narrow canyons on the west side of the Bitterroot Valley and the cliffs above the Blackfoot River. Like many birds of prey the falcon suffered greatly from over use of pesticides back in 70’s but the birds numbers have rebounded with more chemical regulation.

A nesting pair has taken up residence at a power plant near Louisville KY. A webcam has been installed by the power company. State biologists say it’s a first for the Bluegrass State. So until our osprey return we’ve got another nesting pair to watch.

We’re fortunate to have a woman here in our area who takes a great interest in raptors, Kate Davis. She heads up an organization called Raptors of The Rockies. Kate has rescued and rehabilitated injured birds and has appeared in many  schools in this ears educating youngsters about  birds of prey.