I don't know  how many Country music listeners have heard Bruce Springsteen's recent release "We Take Care of Our Own".  I do know that folks in Western Montana understand the concept.  We've proven it time and time again.  And it's time to prove it once more.  For Josh's mom. 27-year-old Josh Carter of Frenchtown was killed in a wreck recently.  We've all heard the story.  The missing man reports.  The search.  The news that Josh had been found.

Now it's time to help out Josh's mom and the expenses involved in a tragedy like this.



Saturday, September 22, you've invited to join Josh's family and friends at a fund raiser at the Turah Pines Bar in Turah.  Starts at three...ends at...well, I guess when everybody is ready to go home.  BBQ, karaoke, and a potluck (bring your favorite dish).

For more information call Terry at 207-9698.

We take care of our own!