The heat wave continues in Missoula and in Montana in general. All week it'll be in the 90's, so we are looking for ways you are beating the heat? We've gotten some great tips so far.

1. Grab some sunblocker curtains ( Black out curtains)

2. Ice in a bowl behind the fan. Don't just blow around hot air make sure you have a bit of cool pushing through that fan

3. If you have a fireplace make sure the damper is closed. Something you may not think of but make sure to check that fireplace. Close it cause it's just pushing hot air in your house.

4. If you DO have an AC, run a fan simultaneously to push the cool air around and you will find you don't have to run that AC so much and your bill will be lower.

5. Turn of your electronics, computers in particular put off a lot of hear so let your computer sleep and you will sleep better too.

6. try air drying dishes and laundry instead of running those hot household items

7. Stay hydrated, make sure you drink a lot of water.

Any more tips you have call us up 406-543-9500