The last standing home of Benjamin Franklin holds some surprising secrets. The house, located at 36 Craven Street in London, was in the process of being remodeled when workers found a human thighbone buried in the home’s dug-out basement. Over 1,200 human bones were eventually exhumed, belonging to at least 1o different people. The bodies buried in that windowless hole belonged to both infants and adults and their bones appear to be scarred by surgical tools.

The leading explanation for these bones is that they were left by a young man named William Hewson. Hewson was an anatomist and most likely obtained the bodies by paying a “resurrection man” to bring him recently buried corpses. Hewson was a friend and roommate of Franklin and was living at the home around the time the bodies were buried. Because of the age of the crime scene, Scotland Yard is not investigating and it is unlikely the true culprit will ever be discovered.

There are a lot of strange things about the man on the 100 dollar bill.




The bodies in Ben’s basement are pretty creepy, but is this the most disturbing thing about Ben Franklin? We want to know what you think.