Well, that isn't quite what the label said, but it still earned first prize in the wacky warning labels contest. The label was found on a 7-inch model of the world. It reads, "These globes should not be referred to for navigation." That was the grand prize winner submitted to the nonprofit Center for America and earned the finder $1,000.00. The Center says such warning labels are the result of a lawsuit happy culture.  Second prize of $500.00 went to the guy who found the one on an electric shaver that warned that it "should never be used while sleeping." We have the kids' neck pillow that warns, "Keep product away from infants and children." There's an electric skillet on the market that advises that the griddle surface may hot during and after cooking. And a laptop steering wheel desk. I kid you not. It's like a TV tray with slots so you can work at your computer while sitting in your car. But: "Never use while driving." Okie Dokie.  Sadly my favorite warning label didn't make the list this year. That's NEVER PET A RADIO ANNOUNCER ON FIRE.    DB