Join me, my fellow fearless explorers as we boldly go where none have gone before!   Yeah, right! I'm half afraid of camping! But you more adventurous souls may want to take Kay Radzik's lead. Kay is one of more than 1,000 people still in the running to be part of the first human colony on Mars! Geez, Kay, is Reno that bad? Anyway...she volunteered to be part of the Mars One Foundation Project, which eventually hopes to send 24 people on a mission to Mars starting in about 10 years. By the way, right now that's a one-way ticket. Kay says she's okay with that, even with a husband and family, but she does hope that eventually they could make that a round-trip. Oh, and by the way Earthlings, I have mastered your language. Your weapons are useless. You must listen to my radio show every day for further commands. That is all.