Well, I guess it's one way to make sure all the mourners who are in attendance say the right things about you.

I didn't call my friend Rick Evans at Garden City Funeral Home first to see if this has ever been done in Missoula. But at least now you have a tutorial on the way to do it, if you ever get the urge.

Associated Press tells us that a couple in their 60s decided to stage their own funeral, wanting it to be a celebration of life with friends and family. So, about 200 people showed up for a Funeral For a Pretend. Apologies to Elton John, there. The man did the couple's eulogy, describing their love-filled life. Then there was the post-burial feast in a restaurant with music and dancing into the wee hours.

The couple has no children, and said they simply wanted to organize a proper funeral for themselves before they pass. And (I love this part) they say their only obligation now is to die when the time comes and that's just a formality! :-).  I wonder, if they live into their 80s, will they need to practice again?             DB