Energy Partners wants to make sure that you always have all the heat you need and plenty of hot water. That means making sure that you never run out of propane. Energy Partners offers an auto-fill basis option for your propane. That way Energy Partners will make sure the propane tank never runs out.

Reliability under adverse conditions requires strength in depth. Energy Partners operates more terminals with more storage capacity backed by more delivery units than any other branch in our trade area.

Dial 1-888-523-1000 and your call will be answered by our 24 hour a day / seven day a week answering service. They will page or forward your call to the service department for immediate response by the location in your area. For non-emergency services, please contact the branch that services your area directly.

Motto: “Energy Partners is a leading supplier of propane to homes, farms, and businesses throughout Western Montana”

Founded: 2008

Led by: Jerry Thorstad

Why They’re Unique: Energy Partners, LLC is a leading supplier of propane to homes, farms, and businesses throughout Western Montana. Energy Partners is jointly owned by Missoula Electric Co-op and Mountain West Co-op (Cenex), these two cooperatives have a long record of serving the energy needs of Montana residents.

They believe closer is better when it comes to providing customer service. Accordingly, Energy Partners maintains seven local offices to provide localized service throughout their trade area for fast response and easy access for their customers.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:

1. How do I know if I have a propane leak?

2. How can I tell how much propane I have left in my tank?

3. What do I do if I smell propane?

Propane Services Tips:

1. Auto fill takes the worry out of making sure you have propane.

2. If you smell a propane leak, leave your house and call for help.

3. If you run out of propane, make sure a complete safety check is complete prior to restarting your heating system.

4. If your propane gauge reads less than 25%, place an order for a delivery.

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