I am a firm believer in being an active part of the community in which you live. So my partner and I did just that yesterday for the Easter weekend. 

I decided I would like to dye Easter eggs this year and being that I don't have children I was looking for places to possibly donate them to. We received a call on the radio from a nice lady who said  the Valor House was a great place to go. The Valor House is an awesome place. This nice facility houses 17 Veterans who were previously homeless. I was so impressed as I think our Veterans aren't being cared for properly. This place is doing an outstanding job, still a lot of work to be done but these types of facilities are much needed. Mike and myself delivered an Easter basket full of goodies to our Vets. Find out more on you can help the Valor House here.

Our next stop was the Poverello Center downtown Missoula. Where I was greeted by a man who was so happy that he got his first apartment on his own, and had been staying at the Poverello Center trying to reach that goal. It was one of those moments where you realize it's the little things and others possibly have it worse. Centers like this one are so vital to the community. Without the Poverello Center the man who greeted me may have bee homeless for a lot longer then he was. He hopefully is on his feet and all thanks to the community programs that allow those in need to succeed. Find out how you can help the Poverllo Center here.

Thanks to all who help this community succeed, and thank you to those past and present Veterans who show the truest act of selflessness and fight for our freedom.