"Ding Batty" and "Poo Poo Kitty" are some unusual pet names, wouldn't you say?

Earlier this week we asked for the unusual or unique name that your pet goes by.

Here are some great names you shared with us.

"Savvy", "Boing", "Super", "Poo Poo Kitty", "Pepe Toes" (aka 'Toes'), "Akiko", "Yes", "Trouble", "Askim", "Tweeker", "Cinch", "Ezra", "Pashmina", "Shautzie", "Truffle", "Teal", "Taxi", "Yoda", "Hyster", "Nonie", "Hagrid", "Pita" (P.I.T.A.), "Mo", "Cat", "Scratch", "Kitty", "Oprah", "Cookies and Cream", "Mr. Pickles", "Dunwright", and "Orangey".


All of us at 94.9 KYSS-FM hope you (and your pets) are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!