Spring semester is about to start at the University of Montana. I'm sure a lot of students who will graduate in May are thinking about their next move. Perhaps borrowing an idea from an enterprising University of Michigan-Flint business major will get you going in the right direction. Alex Benda is going to try selling one-inch-square ads on his graduation cap this spring. His asking price is $300 per square and if he can sell 100 of them, he will be able to pay off his $30,000 student loan. Alex will also be wearing the biggest mortar board ever if he's successful. It should be able to accommodate six other students as an umbrella in the event of rain. Anyway, UM students, just wanted to give you something to think about just ahead of your foray into the real world. We might even be able to give you some referrals from our radio sponsor account lists.  :-)  DB