Florence's Tyler Barham checked in with Craig today on the morning show to share his new single - his take on the 1985 No. 1 hit "Meet Me in Montana."

According to Craig, who has known Barham for awhile now, "Tyler is a great kid. Hard working, focused, and 'raised right' as my Aunt Anamarie in Fargo says. She actually said that about me once, believe it or not."

Barham's new single, which also features Casey Walker, has been paired with photos shot by fellow Montana native Mark Mesenko that show off the landscape of Western Montana.

"I've always thought the original was a good song, and Tyler and Cassey's version is a fine update," Craig added. "I used to work with Mark Mesenko in the old Z-100 days, and his photos of Western Montana in the video are one more reminder of why we live where we do."

If you like what you hear below, you can purchase this single for just 99 cents on iTunes.