Even though we may all believe that we are owed a massage every now and again, I don't think there's anyone else that deserves a massage more than the people who do these things for a living...

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    Moms and Dads

    I don't think there's a harder job in the world than being a parent. Taking care of kids, putting food on the table, and working at another full time job in addition to it all can be downright exhausting. What better way to treat yourself every once and a while than to go get a massage?


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    You may think this is a random profession to name for a massage, but I don't think it could be any more obvious. Plumbers are working all day on pipes and toilets, bent over on all fours, trying to fix whatever is wrong in your house. I mean, come on... A massage is the least you could do to reward yourself for sticking your face near dozens of toilets five days a week.

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    Construction Workers

    I don't think construction workers get enough credit for all the hard work they put in on a daily basis, especially in the summer. They are outside in the hundred degree scalding heat, sweating up a storm, trying to fill the potholes from the winter prior — and there are a lot of potholes in Missoula. I can't think of a better way to relieve the day's stress of endless pothole fixing, ladder climbing and nail pounding than a relaxing massage.


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    I bet a lot of you are questioning why a bartender of all people would deserve a year's worth of massages. But let's be real... Few professions put up with more unbearable situations than they do. They hear a bunch of random people's life stories, issues, and problems, all while serving them alcohol when I bet all they want to do is drink a beverage themselves. Let's give it up for all the bartenders out there! Go get yourself a year's supply of massages.

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    People That Work at a Desk

    Working at a desk all day may seem like a breeze, but when you do it for eight or more hours a day, I couldn't think of anything farther from the truth. Sitting all day, leaning over a computer, dealing with those annoying coworkers and clientele are just a few reasons why you desk workers out there deserve a massage.

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