A new Gallup poll says Boulder, CO, is the country's thinnest city, while Huntington, VA, is the city with the highest level of obesity.
The top-189 cities in the US were surveyed during the past two years, since the U-S Health and Human Services Dep't had a program in 2010 to reduce obesity by 15 percent in each state.
With those stats, the nation's most obese cities (followed by percentage of obese people in each):
9. (tie) Rockford, IL, and Green Bay, WI, (33 percent)
7. (tie) Jackson, MS and Clarksville, TN, (33.8 percent)
6. Charlestown, WV (34.6 percent)
5. Little Rock, AR (35.1 percent)
4. Yakima, WA (35.7 percent)
3. Haggerstown, MD (36.7 percent)
2. McCallen, TX (38.3 percent)
1. Huntington, WV (39.5 percent)
Top-10 skinniest cities:
9. (tie) Bridgeport, CT and Barnstable Town, MA (19.6 percent)
8. San Jose, CA (19.5 percent)
6. (tie) Denver, CO, and San Diego, CA (19.3 percent)
5. Bellingham, WA (18.7 percent)
3. (tie) Charlottesville, VA and Fort Collins, CO (18.2 percent)
2. Naples, FL (16.5 percent)
1. Boulder, CO (12.4 percent)