We had a story on the Craig & Al Morning Show about the Huy Fong Food factory in Irwindale, CA. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge is expected to decide whether to grant the city of Irwindale's request to cease operations at the Huy Fong Foods factory until the company can reduce the pepper and garlic fumes emanating from the facility. City officials say residents complained the odor give them headaches, burn their throat and make their eyes water.

I think I first started using hot sauces while I was in the Army. You had to put something on the eggs. Back then it was tabasco. That was just the start. I worked up a list of hot sauces I’ve got in the fridge; Sambal Oelek, Cajun Power Garlic Pepper Sauce, Sriracha (made by the aforementioned Huy Fong Foods), a couple of salsas, and a Szechuan stir-fry sauce. I’m more of a flavor hot sauce user than high heat. I figure what’s the use of heat if you’re taste buds are numbed? And I still like hot sauce on my eggs.