The days of mascara are long gone! In come lash serums and the best substitute...the lash extension! I am a huge fan and let me tell you why

I get up pretty early every day, and sometimes I don't have time to wash off the black smears under my eyes, from not getting off all my mascara the night before. Or I used waterproof and am having a hard time getting it off period. Working in radio you tend to have guests, photo ops, even TV ops early in the morning that are spontaneous, so I couldn't be looking like I either didn't know how to do make-up or I had two black eyes. Then I discovered the lash extension! It was brilliant, longer, fuller and beautiful lashes all the time. You never wear mascara, yet you look like you are. It can be as bold or slight as you like.

I recently went to Claws downtown Missoula where Jacqueline works as a licensed esthetician and owner of the salon. She does amazing work! Whats great about Claws is she offers an affordable option for those that are looking to get into it. You pay an initial fee then Jacqueline will charge you per lash for a fill instead of $50 to $75 a fill, which is what most other salons do no matter how much time/product is used. You may only need 10 to 15 lashes an eye. Jacqueline just went to Spokane and went through training on offering a new volume lash. I highly recommend lash extensions for the busy mother and the college student! Saves time and always looks wonderful. Thanks Jacqueline

Claws Salon

101 S Higgins Ave, Missoula, Mt 59802
(406) 549-3301