It's Sunday morning.  My wife and I are standing on the south peak of Mt. Sentinel like we do most every Sunday morning.  Except this particular Sunday morning the wind is howling at about 3o mph and it's bead blasting my face with new snow. 

And I'm loving it.

It must have something to do with being born in North Dakota and growing up there and in Minnesota.  I don't know.  Maybe it has to do with being Nordic-American.  Maybe I'm just an idiot.

But I love winter. 

How else do you explain standing in the wind and snow and thinking "How can people live where seasons don't change?" 

Missoula is home to a great variety of hiking trails including several taking you to the top of Mt. Sentinel.  My wife Patty and I head up there just about every Saturday and Sunday.  It's our version of going to church.  It's just outdoors.

Anyway, I love winter.  At least for now.