Things You Should Know Before You Go!
FIRST we already told you Dierks Bentley was coming to town well we have the date, venue, ticket prices, when you can buy them and of course we will be giving away tickets before you can buy them!
Tonight we will here from Mick Delaney the head coach of the Griz for the first time about the season opener this weekend. Tonight on our sister station KGVO 1290 at 6pm until 7pm.

Burger King
The king may well be reigning in the commonwealth -- Burger King is in talks to purchase Canadian coffee purveyor Tim Horton's.
The two chains confirmed the negotiations yesterday (Sunday). The proposed merger would create an $18 billion corporation, the third-largest fast-food vendor in the world.
Perhaps more attractive to Burger King than the capitalization is the tax break. The new company would be based in Canada, which has much lower corporate taxes than the U.S. does. Shares of BK have shot up 15 percent this morning on the news, and the deal could be completed within a few days.
There's no word yet on how the merger would affect front-line operations

The ice bucket challenge has become a summer sensation ... so it should be no surprise that there is already a Halloween costume called Ice Bucket Challenge. It's just a big blue bucket that you hold over your head, and fabric that looks like water with ice cubes in it drapes over your entire body.

Celebrating their birthdays : Brian Kelly of FGL is 29, and Macaulay Culkin is 34
Today is National is Womens Equality day, Cherry Popsicle day and national ....DOG DAY!