Each day this week I'll be bringing you the results of our recent KYSS Corral survey "Things You Actually Give a Rip About."  Let's get it started with the "Eatin' & Drinkin'" results.

"Best Place to Get a Steak":

1) Lolo Creek Steakhouse

2) Montana Club

3) Outback (a VERY close third)

Best place to get an honest drink: There were darn near as many answers as there were people who responded to the survey...including "home" as a big vote getter.  So we'll do it this way.

1)  The Iron Horse (the top vote getter)

2) Then a bunch of bars had approximately the same number of votes including, in no particular order, Charlie B's, The Elbow Room, The Sunrise Saloon, & The Silver Dollar

Favorite Beer:

1) Bud Light

2) Miller Light

3) 3-way tie between Bud, Moose Drool, & Cold Smoke

Best Hangover Cure: Boy...these are all over the place with lots of aspirin, water, hair of the dog that bit ya', and greasy and or Mexican food.  My personal favorites, in no particular order, are as follows:

Midol, helium, hit head with hammer/repeat as necessary, learn how to hold your booze you wimp, don't have one but would like to know a good one, & my personal favorite...cuticle scissors, oh, no, wait, that's a hang NAIL cure.

And our last category in "Eatin' & Drinkin'"...Best place to go after work and be pretty sure you're going to be in trouble when you get home because you missed supper:

1) Aw heck...again, everybody's got a favorite.  Honorable mentions include:

Fishin' hole, I make my own supper so it's not a problem, and one that probably deserves its own Country song "your ex's".

Tommorow, another extremely scientific breakdown of the category "Weapons & the Great Outdoors".