Today is National Waitstaff Day! So we have been taking calls all morning to find out who is Missoula's best waiter/waitress and we have our winner. 

We had so many calls this morning for who is your favorite waiter/waitress here in the Missoula area. We had votes for Everybody at the Mustard Seed, Christina and Stephanie at Hooters, Ariel at Perkins, Old timers cafe staff, Kim Kilborne from Ruby's Cafe and Katy from the Elbow Room. Only one can reign supreme though.

The winner of the 2014 Best waiter/waitress in Missoula goes to... KATY at the Elbow Room! Congrats to Katy for her exceptional service and if you can go thank her and find out why she is the best. Thank any servers you can today, they deserve it.