The hottest new trend for quick weight loss includes one surprising step, that is, no stepping on the scale. “So many people are so obsessed with that number on the scale,” said Melissa Hartwig, co-founder of Whole30. “The scale will blind you to all the amazing progress that you’re seeing in your medical condition. Hartwig and her husband, Dallas Hartwig, both certified sports nutritionists, created the Whole30 program in 2009 and co-authored The New York Times bestseller, It Starts With Food. The Hartwigs say the Whole30 program is aimed at resetting your body’s reaction to food. The 30-day plan calls for the elimination of grains like rice and wheat, beans, soy, dairy, alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Meanwhile, dieters are told to load up on fruits, vegetables and protein. The key to the diet is slowly reintroducing the banned foods to your diet to see how your body reacts to gluten or dairy or sugar.