Remember that old saying about honesty always being the best policy? It's honestly not true!
Everyone bends the truth sometimes – men do it about twice as often as women, four to six times a day versus two or three – and there are times when that's not so bad.
Psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major says, “The truth about lying is that it's not all bad as long as no one's getting hurt. If you're using it to get ahead or spare someone's feelings, then it's generally considered socially acceptable.”
The doc notes that we tend to lie most often at work, sometimes to cover our backs, sometimes to avoid conflict – but as long as we're not spinning a web to hurt someone else, it's all good. He says, "If you think of being able to tell a good lie as like having a super power, and you only ever use it for good, never for evil, then you'll be able to feel much better about it if and when you ever do.” (Today)