I’m rather superstitious when it comes to Grizzly football; I don’t make score predictions, I park in the same place every game, walk the same route to the tailgate, and say Hi to the same people. I also don’t like to talk too much about the game, so writing this makes me somewhat uncomfortable. I’m talking about the “The Streak”.

It started in 1986 with then new head coach Don Read and a new stadium Washington Grizzly. Brent Pease was the QB and it was quite a day, final score Montana- 59, MSU-28. Next year it was UM-55.MSU-7, then 17-3, followed by 17-2, 35-18, 16-9, all Montana wins up until……2002.

It was cold and blowing at Washington Grizzly Stadium, a harbinger of things to come.  UM QB John Edwards only hits 8 of 32 passes.  Travis Lulay for the Cats throws one TD pass. Montana comes back in the 4th quarter scoring off a Tim Bush fumble recovery, it’s 10-7 MSU with 13:51 to go. It doesn’t happen, for the first time since 1986 Montana falls to MSU.

Best Rivalry friends (Photo courtesy Carrie Shimek UM Relations)

After the game Bobcat safety Kane Ioane said it was a huge monkey off their backs. His head coach Mike Kramer said it was “immaterial”. UM head coach Joe Glenn, “No archrivalry should get out of hand like that. It makes the whole thing less fun and it becomes very bitter.”

Since then neither team has dominated the rivalry again. I sort of like it that way. Sure winning is fun but playing the game is even more fun.  Now excuse me I’ve got to go find my lucky socks.