A survey conducted by travel search site Skyscanner found more than one in four of the 2700 flyers who responded, were offended by the sight of "bum cleavage" produced by ill-fitting trousers or shorts, or careless bending over.  I just couldn't bring myself to use an adult example of this.

The fleshy phenomenon was regarded as even more bothersome to fellow passengers than muffin tops and beer bellies on display and offensive logos on t-shirts.



Other flying fashion faux pas, were white socks and sandals.......









...........followed by ladies with low cut tops. Common sensibility just won't let me illustrate that. We've all seen it. And finally; men with hairy chests on display. Wouldn't you just love to have your seat assignment next to this guy.

The survey was undertaken after an American woman was refused entry to a Southwestern Airlines flight because staff thought her exposed cleavage was inappropriate. Dave Boyte from Skyscanner said there was no doubt the standard of dress among flyers had slipped in the last decade with air travel now undertaken on a regular basis.