When some morning shows talk about taking it on the road they head for Vegas, or Disneyland, or...or at least downtown.  Not us.  At the invitation of Lone Rock School 4th & 5th grade teacher (and long-time member of the Craig & Al Radio Family) Amy Reed, Al & I headed down (up/alongside) the Bitterroot this morning to read in Amy's class.

This is not the first time we've been in Amy's classroom and hopefully it won't be the last.  Coming from a long line of teachers I know how hard they work.  And when you end up with a room full of elementary school students as engaged, polite, and fun as this bunch (it was Crazy Socks Day, after all) you know the teacher is doing his or her job.

We read a book, answered a few questions, laughed and unfortunately had to turn down an offer to stay for lunch.  Which really was unfortunate because they serve great food.  We've eaten there before.

Thanks Amy...thanks kids.  We'll see you next year.