I am the newest member of the Sleep Number family, and it might be one of the best decisions I have ever made. For more than six years now I have been waking up around 4am and I was always tired after getting out of bed. I never realized how much impact your bed and sleeping patterns have on your overall health but I am learning quickly with my new King-sized i10 360 smart bed with Sleep IQ technology from Sleep Number.

As you probably know by now, I am frugal with my money, so it was an enormous bonus that I received this bed from Sleep Number in exchange for my honest words about their product. Now that I have, though, I don't know why I didn't make the investment in myself sooner.

The only time I remember feeling rested in the past few years has been on vacation, now I get that same rest every night. This bed has the newest technology that literally adjusts to me as I sleep. If I toss and turn, my bed adjusts the air pockets to help support the new pressure points created from the tossing and turning.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

My new bed tracks my sleep too, thanks to the new Sleep IQ technology. It tracks when I go to bed, when I finally go to sleep, any restless periods throughout my night. It also tracks my breaths per minute and heartbeat per minute. I can control my sleep number setting from the app on my phone, although I love my setting currently at a 35. :) But I do enjoy a more plush bed to lay on.

Probably my favorite feature of my new i10 360 smart bed is the score that you receive each morning out of 100 to tell you how well you slept. There have been nights already when I have been very stressed out and had a score as low as 62, but I work with the Sleep Number store manager David to help improve my score. Because my wife Savannah and I are so competitive we compare sleep scores each morning, in hopes of having bragging rights for the day. My highest Sleep IQ score was a 91, and yes, I felt amazing waking up.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

I have loved every minute of having my new Sleep Number bed so if you're tired of waking up exhausted stop in and see David and the staff at Sleep Number just north of American Way, next to Fuddruckers in Missoula. And make sure you let them know that Billy Jenkins sent you, they will make sure to improve your life by creating an individual experience just for you.


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