There have been some bad winters in Montana. The National Weather Service has put together a list of some of the top winter events in Montana. There is one that sadly is the deadliest. A reminder to be so careful while driving this winter.

They talk of December 1924. The temperature at Fairfield, Montana dropped from 63°F at noon to -21°F at midnight. That is 84 degree in just 12 hours. change in 12 hours. This is the greatest 12 hour temperature change recorded in the United States! That unfortunately is not the deadliest though.

The winter that is the one responsible for the most deaths is the winter of 1936. It is considered one of the worst and deadliest. It was more then just one day. The whole month of February's average was more then 22 below the average and people were still recording negative temperatures in the -20's in April!

According to the NWS, "feed and fuel were scarce, water supplies froze, schools were closed and 15 lives were lost."