My little boy is three and has been asking for a dog, ever since he got a little sister a little over a year ago. My husband and I both had dogs growing up and decided it was time for Wyatt and Clair to have one too.

I filled out a short adopter survey through the Missoula Humane Society website: this helped them know what it was we were looking for. Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from them! They had an eight year old cockapoo named Annie who was looking for a home.

I was excited to meet her and in a matter of minutes fell in love with her and was ready to take her home.

The Humane Society allowed me to take Annie for a two week trial to ensure she was a good fit for our family. The Humane Society had gotten her the day prior and had already given her all necessary shots. They sent me on my way with a leash, collar, dog food, and when we adopt her we get a FREE visit at the vet of our choice. The adoption fee was only $90.00 and the smile on Wyatt's face is priceless.

I highly recommend adoption from the Missoula Humane Society and was pleased with how friendly and easy the entire staff was to work with.

Thank you for matching our family up with Annie and for allowing us to add her to our family.