Like many of you, my stress level is going through the roof every time I have to drive in these blizzard conditions. And that stress level is magnified on Saturday mornings when I have to make the long, lonely drive in the 4:00 hour to produce our statewide hunting and fishing program, The Montana Outdoor Radio Show on KGVO AM1290/FM 101.5. I have tried to keep a step ahead of the snow piling up in the driveway, but last night it got so counterproductive I gave up. So this morning at 4:15 I start backing out of the garage and only made it halfway, but was able to retreat to the garage and make a little friskier run at it. That was enough to get me to the totally unused road, but I did a lousy job of turning out of the driveway and went a bit too far across the road into a drift. It was vehicle paralysis with virtually no rocking motion. Well, maybe an inch or two...just enough to pour cat litter in front and back of each tire. I love cats, but I've never been more thankful that we own one than I was this morning. I'm also thankful the bag of Tidy Cat was half full so I didn't have to "borrow" from the cat box. I got just enough traction to  get going. I don't know if the litter idea was just a little common sense or inspiration from Farmer's Insurance commercials, but I'm glad I thought to use it. And while the drive in was hardly the cat's meow, at least I made it safe and incident free the rest of the way! DB