Many states and cities are beginning to institute laws that prohibit Texting while driving.  Common sense tells us that texting while driving is dangerous.  Kinda like eating a bowl of soup while driving.  Reading emails from your phone while driving-that too is a no-no.  It's no different than trying to find a certain cd, adjusting the volume of the radio, picking something up off the floorboard, trying to reach something in the back seat...all while still driving.  At least pull over to the shoulder first.

There's a new study out by the American Automobile Association
that says 46% of teens admitted to being distracted behind the wheel because of texting.  But I'm here telling you it is not just teens.  It is adults too.  One thing I did learn while living in California is that you don't use your cell phone to even make or answer a call without some sort of blue tooth device/hands free.  This price of the ticket is nothing compared to the price of losing your life in an accident.  One YOU could have prevented.

So I say ZERO TOLLERANCE to texting while driving.  I know it's hard. We are addicted to our cells these days.  But throw the thing in the back seat when you get behind the wheel.  Get some sort of hands free device to answer a call.  Leave the texting behind you, literally in the back seat until you get to your destination.  At least you know you've done your part then.  Remember, it could be the last text you ever send.

So my question to you...(be honest now) Have you ever sent or read a text while driving?