Taylor Swift has crossed over into the full-on pop scene with her song "22," which talks about the carefree life of those in their early-20s. However, just because Swift is hiding out from the country scene on this tune, doesn't mean she isn't still getting teased for it just as she does for her country songs.

YouTube music channel Fuse has given us what I think may be the best Swift joke of all time. Their music video for their version "32" shows a much more real version of life... at any adult age... especially life of those in their early 30s, which is far less glamorous and less exciting sounding than "22."

Sure it isn't so nice to always be poking fun at the girl, But what kind of reaction does one expect to a song she wrote entirely about being 22?

Although "32" is far more realistic, it is in my opinion far more entertaining! If we can't laugh at ourselves for getting older, who can we laugh at?

Check out "32"

Want to compare it to life in your 20s? We have you covered there too... Here's Swift's "22."

If nothing else, the videos are a good reminder to live it up as best you can while you're in your 20s, because the party just may be over before you know it!