Billy’s Favorite YouTube Videos Of All Time [NSFW]
Watching YouTube videos is so much fun. You don't know what to expect but one short clip can make your day a whole lot better. I have created a list of my top five favorite YouTube videos of all time. You may have seen some of these videos, and if you haven't make sure you check them out..…
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Where did it all Start?
The ALS ice bucket challenge has been all over social media lately. I have yet to be nominated, but I know plenty of people who have been, even my 10-year old son. I’ve even seen our very own Aaron Traylor take on this challenge. Aaron’s was probably the most risqué and hilarious …
Montana News and Weather for June 27, 2014
Startling first-person testimony from a neighbor of Markus Kaarma on the day of fatal shooting, former Griz quarterback has his sentence increased, and lots of rain are in the news this morning.

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