Having Skiers Remorse
Having skiers remorse that I didn't get my new skis this week! Just too busy and exhausted... Now I'm stuck at home in the snow instead of playing in it. Although we are in for more snow so I shouldn't complain.
My Favorite Thing About Winter
This actually surprises some people what one of my favorite things about winter is. I am a pretty active person and love to do things. Winter can come in harsh and even though they make great gear to be out in the cold, it's not always for everyone.
Gearing Up for Winter, My One Essential
There is one thing that I always have to make sure I have for winter. I believe you should have a lot of warm gear if you are an outdoor enthusiast during the winter and even so this one thing is still my essential for gearing up for winter.
Proof that Montana Weather is Insane
Many people know of some of the harshness that is Montana in the winter and the crazy weather year round. Recently Montana Mint did a cool write up "Five Facts that Prove Montana Weather is Insane".

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