The Dark Knight Trapped?
Thursday morning on the Craig & Al Morning Show the subject of hunting came up and stirred quite a number of phone calls, all of them positive and entertaining.  The most unusual was from Curious Bob who lives up “The Snake.”
The Bear That Came Back
Black bears are great foragers and will eat darn near anything. They also have a good sense of direction.
"Boo Boo" Bear Found at Idaho Forest Fire
The Mustang Complex of forest fires has burned over 145,000 acres near the Salmon River, and has displaced many animals.
Saturday, a fisherman spotted a lone bear on a river trail near Corn Creek Boat Launch. The bear was in a Douglas fir tree and a fire crew looked for the cub’s mother without…
Cool Trip to The Woods
Learn more about bears and enjoy a cool summer evening around the campfire at Big Pine Fishing Access Site.
How to Bearproof The Backyard
As spring turns to summer, bear activity is picking up in many western Montana neighborhoods, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking residents to continue to keep bear attractants contained.
Bears are often drawn to populated areas by unsecured garbage cans, the smell of pet food, bird feeder…

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