Wal-Mart Works to Improve Employee Moral
For years we have all heard about Wal-Mart not always looking out for what's best for their employees, it seems like they are trying to improve that. E! claims in an effort to boost employee moral, Wal-Mart is no longer going to play Celine Dion and Justin Bieber in their stores...
What Store Takes Most Of Your Time?
Target? Best Buy? Wal Mart? What store takes most of your time? Over the past few weekends, my wife and I, like most couples have spent time shopping. Whether it is groceries or clothing it seems like that takes so much time.
I can tell you for myself, it's Best Buy...
Wal-Mart Products Become Healthier
Great news for the public at at time with New Year's resolutions are underway and many are wanting to drop those holiday pounds, Wal-Mart agrees to reduce salt and sugar in many of their products.