Bear Loves Playground Sports
Everyone loves bears. From Yogi and Balloo, to Paddington and Fozzy, and the Carebears and Winnie the Pooh, we humans have a craving for bears that we can’t seem to satisfy. I’m not sure if it’s their fuzzy wuzzy hair, their cute round ears or their nubby little tails that make the…
What Music Video Is This Picture From?
This video is a touching document of the softer side of one of Nashville's most dedicated family men. The superstar took a shot at co-writing the song for this tender-yet-tough video, which features some gentler shots of the singer interspersed with plenty of genuine cowboy action.
Baby Bandit Picks Locks, Steals Sister’s Toys
We would say this impressive, but it seems more appropriate to say this kid is the uber-little brother. Breaking into his sister's room? Check. Stealing her stuff? Check. Doing it in a manner that makes it hard to prove it was him? Check.
Goats Yelling Like Humans
Most pet owners are positive that their animals understand them. They often treat their pets like a member or the family. I own three dogs and I am no different.
Guy on a Buffalo
Living in Montana we are surrounded by nature and some of the most beautiful wildlife that you can find in North America. Montana also has a rodeo tradition in which people ride some pretty terrifying animals, from bucking broncos, to steer riding and even bull riding...
Happy Camcorder Day!
Who had (or still has) one of those big camcorders?  They were introduced on this date in 1982!  I can remember going to the store to buy one!